This website is the final part of Redbridge Museum’s First World War centenary programme.

Between 2014 & 2016 Redbridge Museum, assisted by a small team of volunteers, researched a wide range of First World War resources held in its archives. These included local newspapers, Council records, hospital records, photographs, family papers and published works. An appeal to local residents elicited further material while other museums and archives were also consulted. This information was used to create an exhibition in 2014-15 and a book, ‘Redbridge and the First World War’, which was published in 2015.

At the same time, the Museum researched, photographed and documented 134 First World War memorials in the London Borough of Redbridge, with the support of local residents.

A database was then compiled of over 3000 individuals featured on the memorials and it was possible to match 1681 of these individuals to records held by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. Some of these individuals may not have lived in the local area but were remembered on local memorials by friends, family and loved ones.

Biographies for a sample of 826 individuals were researched and written by Redbridge Museum, with the help of local residents.

Redbridge Museum traced another 762 individuals who may have been linked to the area but whose names do not feature on a Borough memorial. This may be because the memorial no longer exists or that the individual was commemorated on a family gravestone or on another memorial outside of the Borough. Unfortunately, it has not been possible to include their details here.

The programme has been supported by a £38,000 grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.